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When cooling or ventilating the place, air-conditioning and ventilation devices produce moisture, which is accumulated in the condensate form in different parts of the device. Together with dust and other particles in the air, they create an ideal environment for the development of unwanted microorganisms. The majority of undesired odour-forming microorganisms develop precisely in hard-to-reach areas.

Why use IZA EFFECT green line 6 - HOUSE STRONG disinfectant?

  • It is biodegradable; it consists of hydrogen peroxide and during disinfection it degrades to water, oxygen and biodegradable stabilisers which prolong its action.
  • Due to the improved formula with a prolonged action, it can destroy 99.9% of undesired microorganisms and provide protection against their redevelopment.
  • It does not affect the environment or the functionality, quality of materials, colour and shape of the surface where disinfection is performed.
  • During disinfection, the product degrades to water and oxygen, which are odourless and colourless.
  • The product does not have harmful effects for health, is biodegradable and completely safe to use.
  • After disinfection is complete we do not need to rinse it or wipe itand the place is available for use immediately after.

Product purpose and use

IZA EFFECT green line 6 - HOUSE STRONG disinfectantcan be used to disinfect all air-conditioning and ventilation devices on private, public and commercial premises. Disinfection will remove undesired microorganisms, their unpleasant odour and protect the devices against their redevelopment.

The disinfectant can be used:

  • for disinfection of the entire air-conditioning or ventilation device;
  • for disinfection of slots, filters;
  • for disinfection of the inner part of the outdoor unit;
  • for disinfection of tools used for work with air-conditioning and ventilation devices;
  • for disinfection of domestic ventilation systems or ;
  • for disinfection of ventilation systems, pipes in office buildings, vents and drain pipes.

Important:Use biocide safely as directed!

Instructions for use

The disinfectant for air-conditioning and ventilation devices can be applied to the surface by machine, with IZA EFFECT disinfection devices or with IZA EFFECT sprayer. More information on how to use disinfection devices is available via the link.

The disinfectant is applied manually with a sprayer. Slots and filters of the air-conditioning or ventilation devices on the inside and the outside of the device have to be sprayed along with pipes. We do not need to rinse or wipe the product but leave it to dry. The devices can be used immediately after disinfection is complete. Instructions for use are on the packaging.

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