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Disinfection of interior rooms and surfaces with IZA Effect Fogger F8

The Fogger F8 is a fine fogging machine. As it is electrically powered, it is mainly used indoors but is also suitable for external fogging on a smaller scale. Fogger F8 is made of high-quality materials and a 700ml tank. Consumption is between 50ml and 100ml per minute.

When is disinfection needed?

  • When moving into a new house or apartment.
  • When moving into an old apartment or house (especially when buying a furnished apartment or house).
  • During major epidemics - diseases.
  • In business premises where a large number of people are active throughout most of the day.
  • When buying a used car, camper or mobile home.
  • In holiday homes, which we use only during a specific season.
  • In dining rooms, restaurants, kitchens, cold stores, gyms, saunas, wellness centres ...
  • In rooms already infested with mould.
  • In areas threatened by mould.
  • In rooms where people walk around barefoot.

What do we prevent by disinfecting the room?

  • Development of mould in rooms and on equipment, fungal diseases, development of bacteria and viruses in the room.

Disinfection with a fogger is very easy. The spraying range is up to 8m, you should therefore stand in the doorway when disinfecting small rooms (approx. 50m2). Spray for approx. one minute, then leave the room and close the door. We recommend using goggles and a mask.

Protect yourself and your family as well as your employees. Make sure your home and company are safe from viruses, mould, bacteria and fungi. Due to the unique application technique, your rooms will be impeccably disinfected while living in such a room will feel more pleasant and, above all, completely healthy.

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