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When participating in indoor sports activities, such as in fitness centres, dedicated sports fields, school gyms, children's playgrounds and other exercise-related surfaces, sweat and dead skin are secreted during exercise causing different bacteria to develop. The number and intensity of exercises and indoor movement is increasing and along with safe exercise, it is important to prevent the development of fungi, bacteria and other undesired microorganisms, as well as remove the unwanted odour and thus disinfecting training and other surfaces, sporting apparatus and equipment, children’s playrooms, playground equipment and toys in a innovative way.

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Why use IZA EFFECT silver line 3 - SPORT disinfectant for sports equipment and footwear?

  • It is biodegradable; it consists of hydrogen peroxide and during disinfection it degrades to water, oxygen and biodegradable stabilisers which prolong its action.
  • Due to the improved formula with a prolonged action, it can destroy 99.9% of undesired microorganisms and provide protection against their redevelopment.
  • It does not affect the environment or the functionality, quality of materials, colour and shape of the surface where disinfection is performed.
  • During disinfection, the product degrades to water and oxygen, which are odourless and colourless.
  • The product does not have harmful effects for health, it is biodegradable and completely safe to use.
  • After disinfection is complete we do not need to rinse it or wipe it and the equipment is available for use immediately after.

Product purpose and use

IZA EFFECT silver line 3 - SPORT disinfectant for sports equipment and footwear is used to remove and prevent the development of undesired microorganisms, e.g. bacteria and fungi in sports facilities, and to remove unwanted odours.

It is mainly used to:

  • disinfect and refresh the surfaces of sports and training facilities such as fitness centres, dedicated sports fields, group exercise halls, school gyms, playrooms and other areas intended for exercise;
  • to disinfect and refresh sports equipment and machines such as exercise bikes, mats, balls and more;
  • to disinfect and refresh sportswear, sports footwear and sports bags;
  • to disinfect bowling centres, for surface disinfection, footwear disinfection and ball disinfection;
  • to disinfect children's playground equipment and toys, both at home and in kindergartens and schools;
  • to disinfect clothing and footwear, both to remove microorganisms and to prevent their development or to remove odours.

Important:Use biocide safely as directed!

Instructions for use

IZA EFFECT silver line 3 - SPORT sports equipment and footwear disinfectant can be applied to the selected surface by machine, with IZA effect disinfection devices or manually with IZA effect sprayer.

Apply to the selected surface manually with the IZA effect sprayer that is 20 cm to 30 cm away from the surface. Allow the disinfectant to work for at least 15 minutes or until it has dried. Do not rinse or wipe the disinfectant. Instructions for use are also on the packaging of the disinfectant. If you sweat profusely, we recommend a more frequent use.


450 ml

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