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Wall mould develops in spaces with thermal bridges, waterproofing faults, insufficient insulation or where condensation or capillary moisture accumulate despite regular ventilation. Despite regular removal, the mould reappears because it is usually removed but not destroyed. IZA EFFECT green line 6 disinfectant - MOULD STOP for eliminating and preventing mould can destroy 99.9% of the surface mould in a healthy and safe way, odour-free. A regular use will prevent mould recurrence. Disinfection will make a place more pleasant to stay in, as it will also remove odours.

The product can also be bought in allDM storesandMercator Hypermarkets.

Why use IZA EFFECT green line 6 - MOULD STOP disinfectant for eliminating and preventing mould?

  • It is biodegradable, during disinfection it degrades to water, oxygen and biodegradable stabilisers that prolong its action.
  • Due to the improved formula with a prolonged action, it can destroy 99.9% of undesirable microorganisms and provide protection against their redevelopment.
  • It does not affect the environment or the functionality, quality of materials, colour and shape of the disinfected surface.
    • It does not have harmful effects for health and it's completely safe to use.
    • It is colourless and odourless, because it degrades to water and oxygen during use.
    • During disinfection, it degrades to water and oxygen, which are not rinsed or wiped after disinfection, and the place is available for use immediately after.

    Product purpose and use

    IZA EFFECT green line 6 - MOULD STOP disinfectant for eliminating and preventing mould can be used to prevent the surface mould development, to destroy surface mould on a variety of materials and to remove the odour caused by its development. For this reason, the place use will be more pleasant after disinfection.

    Our clients use it to eliminate mould and to prevent the development of surface mould in private places, older, poorly insulated apartments and houses, to disinfect working tools and other surfaces where mould has developed or its development cannot be prevented.

    Important:Use biocide safely as directed!

    Instructions for use

    The mould elimination and prevention disinfectant can be applied to the surface by machine, IZA effect disinfection devices or IZA effect sprayer.

    More information on how to use IZA EFFECT disinfection devices is available via the link.

    Apply the product manually with a sprayer that is 20 to 30 cm away from the surface. Apply over the edges of the mould. Wet the surface well, about 50 ml/m2. With a wide brush or sponge, the disinfectant can be further rubbed into the surface and left to work for at least 15 minutes. Then wipe the surface thoroughly with a cloth and warm water and spray again. Once the surface is clean, spray again, but do not rinse or wipe the disinfectant, simply allow it to act on the surface for at least 15 minutes or until it evaporates. Instructions for use are on the packaging.

    FAQ - frequently asked questions about the product

    IZA EFFECT green line 6 - MOULD STOP for eliminating and preventing mould can be used in our living spaces, as it is not dangerous and it is odourless.

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