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Water is a source of life and also a source of microorganisms that can harm humans. The bacteria that most commonly cause health problems in humans and animals are the Legionella bacterium, which grows most rapidly in water between 25°C and 35°C, E.coli and enterococci, which are found in water contaminated with faecal water, meaning infection can be spread by hand washing, coliform bacteria that begin to grow and form colonies at 22°C, and others. Surfaces that are in direct contact with water can be disinfected with the IZA EFFECT X10 - WATER SYSTEM disinfectant for water systems, thus removing 99.9% of undesired microorganisms and protecting the surface against their redevelopment.

Why use IZA EFFECT X10 - WATER SYSTEM Disinfectant for Water Systems?

  • It is biodegradable ; it consists of hydrogen peroxide and during disinfection it degrades to water, oxygen and biodegradable stabilisers which prolong its action.
  • Due to the improved formula with a prolonged action it can destroy 99,9 % of undesired microorganisms and provide protection against their redevelopment.
  • It does not affect the environment or the functionality, quality of materials, colour and shape of the surface where disinfection is performed.
  • During disinfection, the product degrades to water and oxygen, which areodourless and colourless .
  • The product does not have harmful effects for health , it is biodegradable and completely safe to use.
  • After disinfection is complete we do not need to rinse it or wipe it , and the space is available for use immediately after.

Product purpose and use

IZA EFFECT X10 - WATER SYSTEM disinfectant for water systems is intended to disinfect biofilm in cisterns, tanks, containers and water systems, where the water is stored and where it runs through. It is used for disinfection of fresh water tanks, for the elimination of biofilm in tanks, for disinfection of the water system, waste water tanks and cassette toilets. The product is odourless, colourless and ready to use.

IZA EFFECT X10 - WATER SYSTEM disinfectant for water systems can also be used to disinfect all surfaces that are in direct contact with water:

  • for disinfection of smaller water systems such as home swimming pools, swimming pools complexes and wellness centres, both for disinfection of fresh and grey water tanks, containers and for disinfection of piping parts and disinfection of tools, machines and devices used when working with water systems.
  • for boat disinfection, in particular for disinfection of external parts in direct contact with water. The disinfectant can be used to disinfect private or charter vessels. It is recommended they are disinfected when they are being prepared for the season and later for winter.
  • for disinfection of vessels, water sports equipment, especially vessels and equipment for hire that is used by many people, e.g. water scooters, canoes, kayaks and similar, and for water sports equipment such as helmets, footwear, rafting clothing, canyoning, surfing, kayaking and more.
  • for disinfection of pet aquariums, specifically for the removal of biofilm or other undesirable microorganisms in the aquarium and in pipeline parts, as well as to disinfect newly-purchased parts to protect them against the development of undesirable microorganisms.
  • for disinfection of storage containers and transport containers, tanks, containers, canisters, cans and more. Disinfection is intended to eliminate undesired microorganisms as well as to protect against their development. Storage containers can be used immediately after disinfection. The disinfectant will not affect their contents.
  • for disinfection of waste bins, dustbins, especially biological waste bins in the summer, to eliminate undesired microorganisms or prevent their development.

Important:Use biocide safely as directed!

Instructions for use

Disinfectant for water systems can be applied to the surface by machine, using IZA effect disinfection devices or manually.

More information on using IZA effect disinfection devices is available via the link.

The water system disinfectant is also used to disinfect tanks, cisterns or water systems. Fill the tank, cistern or water system with water and add the necessary amount of the product (for disinfection and biofilm elimination 300 ml per 100 l of water, for the waste water tank disinfection 500 ml per 100 l of water and for cassette toilet disinfection up to 200 ml per 10 l of water) . After the disinfectant is mixed with water in a tank, cistern or water system, drain at least 2 l of water through all the outlets. Leave the tank, cistern or water system to stand for 6 hours. After 6 hours, drain the water with the disinfectant through the appropriate water outlet. Thoroughly rinse the tank, cistern or water system, add new water and drain at least 5 litres of fresh water through all the outlets. Disinfection of tanks, cisterns or water systems is recommended once a year. If camper vans, mobile homes and caravans are used frequently, disinfection can also be performed out more often.

FAQ - frequently asked question about the product

Always leave about 3-5 cm of water at the bottom of the tank and add the disinfectant. The product will biodegrade, and there will be no possibility for the growth of microorganisms in the tank.

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