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What is ATP?

ATP stands for adenosine triphosphate, an energy molecule in all organic materials - such as skin cells, saliva or microbes.The Hygiena System SURE Plus instrument measures ATP that is collected with UltraSnap surface swabs and displays a numerical result in 15 seconds. The higher the number, the dirtier the surface. A score below 100 in a gym means “Clean”.

Gym centres are not as clean as you think

People come to the gym to improve their health and physique - but can the cleanliness of your facility pose a risk to your guests? Equipment may look clean and even smell clean, but the human eye cannot detect harmful bacteria or viruses on frequently touched gym equipment. Contamination levels can be astronomically high! ATP testing is a method for measuring total contamination on surfaces used in hospitals, hotels and many industrial applications worldwide. By quickly measuring contamination levels, ATP test scores give instant feedback on surface contamination. See how gym equipment fared in the graphic below.

  • the ability to read up to 1 femtomol ATP
  • multifunction device
  • results in 15 seconds
  • 100 programmed test plans
  • 5000 programmed positions for each test plan
  • stores up to 2000 results
  • SURE Trend software for analysis of results

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